Privacy Policy

We make it clear to you that you are not required to register or give any personal information on our apps and

We provide causal games and puzzle games for free and so anyone can play our games.

For our apps, you will be required to provide your credit card details when you make a purchase within the app and for notifying you of our new games, we will access your device ID for the purpose of sending push notifications. No sign up or login is required to access our apps. You can access our apps from Google Play and other app stores where you may have to sign up or login in.

For our website, we do collect IP addresses, types of browser used and geographical information with the log files which are non personal and only to understand our visitors better. We use cookies to understand the preferences of our visitors.

We use Google Adsense and other advertising networks who serve their ads on website and apps. They may use cookies to provide you with useful and relevant ads based on your visiting patterns.

You may be led to our partners’ sites while playing their games on our site and we are not responsible for what you do on their sites and their privacy policy may differ from ours. Hence, our privacy policy is limited only to our apps and site.

This privacy policy is liable to change at any point in time. You are advised to read it every time you visit us.

Once you start using our apps and site, it is taken for granted that you agree to our privacy policy.